Freeze Dried Free Range Chicken

Complete Freeze Dried food for adult dogs with 80% sustainably sourced MSC Salmon and Yellowfin Sole. Gently steamed and then freeze dried to preserve the delicate nutrients.

The goodness of raw straight from your larder

Feeding your dog a raw diet offers numerous benefits like smaller stools, healthier skin, and improved energy levels. Our freeze-dried food retains all the raw goodness without the need for a freezer, so it can be stored conveniently in your larder. Grain-free, it's rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and 86% free-range chicken.

Free range chicken from high welfare farms

In McAdams Raw Preserve, we only use whole free-range chicken, ensuring your dog receives the highest quality cuts of meat. Our chickens are sourced from reputable free-range farms across the UK, who prioritise animal welfare. You can feel confident knowing that your dog's nutrition comes from ethical and reliable sources.

Exceptional quality

For raw enthusiasts seeking convenience, we've developed a complete raw food with the simplicity of dry food. By extracting moisture from the raw meat, we pack 1kg of fresh meat into 300g of Raw Preserve. Thus, a dog typically consuming 500g of raw meat daily would only require 150g of Raw Preserve, retaining all the advantages of raw feeding.

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