Freeze Dried New Zealand Lamb

Complete food for adult dogs, with 80% ethically sourced, pasture raised, grass fed New Zealand Lamb. Rich in EPA and omega 3 fatty acids which can relieve inflammation and itching and promote a glossy coat. Gently steamed and then freeze dried to preserve the delicate nutrients.

Gently steamed for exceptional palatability

McAdams Freeze Dried is gently steamed and
then freeze dried to preserve the optimum level of nutrients in our
carefully selected ingredients, to create a food that is unrivalled in
flavour and texture.

The unique texture is the perfect option for dogs that require a softer option than traditional biscuits.

Made with 80% pasture raised New Zealand Lamb

McAdams are passionate about animal welfare and all our lamb is grass fed, free range and free to roam fields and pasture lands.

By selecting high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, McAdams promotes not only the health of pets but also environmental and humane considerations.

Exceptional skin & care

Lamb is excellent for dogs with allergies and itchy skin as it is high in omega 3 fatty acids. These are 'good fats' and not only are a great source of energy, but support brain
function and the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It is also considered a hypoallergenic protein for dogs with delicate digestive systems. It promotes good gut health and is highly digestible.

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