Introducing Naked Dog Pure Lamb – a delectable blend crafted from the finest ingredients: Lamb (with bone), Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, and Lamb Liver. This single-protein formula isn't just a tasty delight; it's also a thoughtful choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Naked Dog Pure Lamb is a straightforward solution, perfect for dogs with food sensitivities. The single-protein approach helps minimize potential allergic reactions, making it an ideal option for dogs on elimination diets. With nutrient-rich organ meats like Lamb Heart, Kidney, and Liver, this formula provides a balanced meal, promoting overall health and vitality.

Treat your canine companion to the goodness of Naked Dog Pure Lamb – a wholesome and delicious option tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Because a happy dog starts with a satisfied belly!



Moisture 63.7%, Protein 16.7%, Fat 14.2%, Ash 4.7%, Fibre 1.8%


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