Introducing SuperFood Beef - Raw Dog Food, a tantalising taste adventure for your dog! Each pack comes with two hearty 500g portions full of nutritious and delicious ingredients. We've got beef with bone, beef tripe, and beef heart, kidney, and liver for a nutritious punch. But it doesn't stop there! WIth an added a dash of natural glucosamine for joint health, and a smorgasbord of veggies including butternut squash and seasonal greens for a fiber boost. For the grand finale, a unique blend of raspberry/blueberry for an antioxidant boost, salmon oil for a shiny coat, kelp for a thriving thyroid, turmeric and ginger for a healthy immune system, spirulina for added nutrients, and a pinch of ground black pepper to enhance absorption. Make meal times a banquet with SuperFood Beef - Raw Dog Food!

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