Natural Comfort for Anxious, Reactive, and Rescued Pets – Plus, Amplifies Training Success!

Experience the transformative power of our unique Veterinary Formula remedies, meticulously developed over 40 years and clinically proven in veterinary practice. Our 50ml liquid remedy is a testament to our commitment to providing 100% natural relief for your beloved pets.

When used consistently alongside positive, reward-based training, this remedy is a game-changer. It effectively diminishes anxiety, reactivity, and sensitivity to stress triggers, fostering a calm and receptive environment for your pet to thrive. Moreover, it enhances the receptivity to learning new and healthier behavioral patterns.

Key Benefits:

  • Anxiety Relief: Eases feelings of anxiety in various situations.

  • Reactivity Control: Manages reactive behavior towards people, dogs, and other animals.

  • Stress Reduction: Provides relief from stress triggers, promoting a sense of calm.

  • Enhanced Socialization: Aids in the process of socialization for a well-adjusted pet.

  • Behavioral Improvement: Helps address and correct problem behaviors through positive reinforcement.

  • Alleviates Fear of Solitude: Eases the fear of being left alone, promoting a sense of security.

  • Addresses Destructive Behaviors: Mitigates anxiety-related destructive tendencies and self-trauma.

  • Noise Sensitivity: Calms oversensitivity to loud noises, including bangs, clattering, doorbells, drilling, barking dogs, traffic, and more.

Empower your pet with the natural support they deserve, and witness the positive transformation in their well-being and behavior. 🌿🐾

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